How to Make an Appointment with Palm Springs Watch Buyer

Thank you for your interest in selling your item to Palm Springs Watch Buyer. Palm Springs residents are served exclusively by our senior watch buyers. The simple and secure appointment process is as follows…

We like to be respectful of your time. So, the first step is to make sure that we are the right Palm Springs watch buyer for the timepiece you are selling. Please call us or send an email below, describing your fine watch.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. At that time we’ll review your timepiece and answer any questions you may have.

*Due to the high volume of messages that we receive, we are not able to reply to every inquiry where the item being offered for sale does not meet our minimum requirement, or is not among the types of items that we are currently buying.

Agree on a time to meet with our senior watch buyer at one of our satellite locations near you. There are 3 ways to get started right now.

Call: (760) 422-5700

Text: (310) 896-8623
(Please include your name, a picture of your item, plus any relevant information on your item.)

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