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Where Sell a Watch in Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Watch Buyer is widely recognized as one of the highest paying used watch buyers serving Palm Springs, California. Clients choose our watch dealers for two important reasons. 1) Our Palm Springs watch appraisal and sales process is fast, secure, and risk free. 2) Every Palm Springs client receives a generous and immediate cash offer based on the worldwide market value of their previously-owned timepiece.

“I inherited a vintage Rolex. About 40 years old. Though I didn’t have the original paperwork or box, they were open and interested in working with me. Paula Dabney was easy, accommodating, knowledgeable and comforting during the process. The initial price she quoted me was the price we ultimately agreed on after inspection. The process was quick and efficient and any concerns or questions I had were answered promptly all along the way. I’d recommend checking out these folks if you’re interested in selling watches and jewelry.”

Brian C.via Yelp Reviews

Whether you are selling a vintage Rolex Daytona, a limited-edition Patek Philippe, or diamond Piaget Polo, you can count on Palm Springs Watch Buyer to leverage our 30+ years of expertise in your favor. We will make sure that you understand exactly how we arrive at our cash offer, enabling you to make the absolute best, most informed decision—regardless of whether you sell your timepiece to us.

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We Buy Used Swiss Watches in Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Watch Buyer purchases many types of prestige timepieces, for both men and ladies. However, we specialize in exceptional European-made watches with appraisal values into the five figures and beyond. For example, we buy the Paul Newman Daytona, the A. Lange & Söhne 1815, the Patek Philippe 2499, and the Vacheron Constantin Royal Eagle.

Our Palm Springs watch buyers often can get you more money than you would have received by auctioning your valuable timepiece online, and in a much faster time frame. Please see below a small sample of our recent purchases and the types of expensive timepieces that you can sell Palm Springs Watch Buyer for a generous cash offer.

Our Palm Springs watch buyers specialize in limited-edition Swiss timepieces and exceptional timepieces by independent watchmakers.

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Palm Springs Watch Buyers – What Are My Alternatives?

There are a variety of options available for selling a used watch in Palm Springs, including eBay, used watch auctions, Palm Springs pawn shops, and your local Swiss watch dealer. However, Palm Springs Watch Buyer has a track record of consistently paying the absolute best cash prices for pre-owned luxury watches and vintage timepieces, while treating our clients with exceptional courtesy, understanding, and security.

“Excellent service! My contact/sales person, Paula Dabney was very reassuring on phone and in the email exchanges in-between the consummation of the transaction over my Cartier wristwatch. More importantly and beyond the courtesy, was the consistency and commitment to their pledge to get me the best offer. Among several other buyers, Paula did deliver the good news as promised. Thank you Paula.”

Nduka I.via Yelp Reviews

Let us help you get the cash you deserve for your valuable luxury watch.

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How to Sell Your Expensive Watch In Palm Springs

Palm Springs Watch Buyer purchases previously-owned timepieces via an in-person appraisal and immediate cash offer at the executive office closest to you. Here is a quick review of our simple and secure process.

  Step 1 – Tell Us About Your Luxury Watch

Tell us about the timepiece you wish to sell, and whether you have any original sales materials, certificates, appraisal, etc

●  Step 2 – Receive a Free Initial Watch Appraisal

Receive a preliminary watch valuation and arrange an in-person appraisal of your timepiece.

●  Step 3 – Arrange an In-Person Watch Evaluation

Meet with a senior watch buyer at our executive office in Palm Springs or the secure location most convenient for you.

●  Step 4 – Get Paid for Your Watch

Get paid on our final appraisal and cash offer for your luxury watch or vintage timepiece.

Should you decide not to sell your watch to us, we will shake hands and wish you the best. At Palm Springs Watch Buyer, your complete satisfaction is our priority.

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How to Photograph & Sell a Watch in Palm Springs

If you would like to sell a luxury watch to Palm Springs Watch Buyer, we usually will ask you to send us a few photographs of your timepiece. Taking a good photograph of your watch can be tricky, but good photographs (including a clear one of the model number) will help us provide you with a more accurate appraisal and better preliminary cash offer.

In the following knowledge article, our Palm Springs watch appraisers share with you a few techniques that you can use to take a good image of your valuable watch before attempting to sell it: Watch Photography.

Should I Auction My Watch in Palm Springs, CA?

Palm Springs watch owners who wish to auction limited-edition timepieces that are valued into the five and six figures often look toward a prestigious auction house like Christie’s and Antiquorum, who have long traditions of selling extraordinary timepieces.

What Palm Springs sellers often do not realize is that auction houses charge more than just a commission on the final sales price. When auctioning a watch, there are also associated fees which can ultimately add up to 40% of the final hammer price. Learn more at: Where to Auction a Watch.

Understanding Watch Complications

Any watch function that does more than indicate minutes and hours is called a complication. From the simple second hand to the most outrageous planetarium functions that indicate the position of the planets, watch complications run the gamut from useful and professional tools to luxurious testaments to a watchmaker’s mastery.

Generally, the more complications included in a timepiece, the more difficult it is to design and create. In the following informational article, Palm Springs Watch Buyer un-complicates some of the more common watch complications available today. Learn more at: Understanding Watch Functions.

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The Best Place to Sell an Expensive Watch in Palm Springs, CA

If you have been asking yourself questions like, “Where is the best place to sell my watch in Palm Springs?” “How can I sell an expensive watch?” “Where can I sell a used Rolex in Palm Springs, CA?” or “Who is the best luxury watch buyer near me?” let us show you why so many Palm Springs clients have chosen “Palm Springs Watch Buyer” as the answer.

Palm Springs Watch Buyer makes premium cash offers for timepieces from the most sought-after watch brands and watchmakers, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breguet, Vacheron Constantin, Franck Muller, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Tiffany & Co., Panerai, Chopard, Hublot, A. Lange & Sohne, and Piaget. Serving zip codes 92263, 92240, 92285 and more.