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“How to sell my Rolex watch?” Sell Rolex watches to Palm Springs Watch Buyer. Our used Rolex buyers offer 5 star service and immediate cash offers. Get your Rolex appraised for free; then receive a substantial cash offer within minutes. Palm Springs Watch Buyer eliminates the risk involved when selling a Rolex watch online. Sell a used Rolex quickly and securely with our Palm Springs watch buyers.

Palm Springs Watch Buyer is different than traditional Palm Springs fine jewelers. Ordinary Palm Springs jewelry stores sell new fine jewelry & luxury timepieces. However, we specialize in pre-owned watches like vintage Rolex timepieces. Our Palm Springs Rolex buyers are experts in all makes and models of pre-owned Rolex watches.

Sell a used Rolex Daytona or President. Sell a gold Rolex Submariner. Sell a platinum Rolex Oyster. Our Palm Springs Rolex buyers guarantee more cash for your used Rolex watch assets. Unlike other used Rolex buyers, we have the resources to buy historic Rolex watches that typically are sold at auction houses like Sotheby’s or Christie’s.

For extremely valuable Rolex timepieces, customers also have the option of being issued a collateral loan versus selling their Rolex outright. Whatever your decision, Palm Springs Watch Buyer promises you more cash without delay.


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Get cash for a Rolex now. Contact our Palm Springs Rolex buyers to schedule a private appointment.

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We don’t play games or hire fast talking sales people. Our Palm Springs watch appraisers are here for just one reason: to get you more cash for your used Rolex.


FAQs From Clients Selling a Used Rolex in Palm Springs

How long does it take to sell my Rolex to you? After we appraise your timepiece and you accept our final cash offer, you will receive payment immediately.

How does a retail Rolex appraisal and a market appraisal differ? A retail Rolex appraisal is the approximate retail value of your timepiece. This is what insurance companies use, and not the resale value of your Rolex watch. A market appraisal is the value of your used Rolex on the second-hand (estate) market. This is the appraisal that our Palm Springs watch buyers will use when valuing your Rolex.

Do you have an office in Los Angeles where I can bring my Rolex? If it is inconvenient for you to visit our buying office in Redondo Beach, we can arrange to meet you at a secure executive office in Palm Springs.

Where can I get competing quotes for my Rolex watch? We encourage our Palm Springs clients to obtain competing quotes, so that you can be confident that our cash offer is the best one. Your options include Palm Springs jewelers who buy back fine timepieces, Palm Springs pawn shops, and online watch buyers. However, when getting an appraisal from an online buyer, be sure to check their credentials and rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Can I get more money by selling my Rolex via an auction? We have often been able to get our Palm Springs clients higher cash amounts than they would have received via a bricks-and-mortar auction or an online auction website. Learn more about the reasons why our clients in Palm Springs have chosen us instead of trying to auction their timepiece at: Should I Auction My Watch?

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    Palm Springs Watch Buyers – How to Spot a Fake Rolex?

    Are you unsure whether your Rolex watch is authentic? View the video above, and if you feel confident that your Rolex watch is genuine, contact our Palm Springs watch buyers today for a generous cash offer.

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