How to Photograph and Sell a Used Watch in Palm Springs, CA

sell-my-omega-watch If you would like to sell a watch to Palm Springs Watch Buyer, we usually will ask you to send us a few photographs of your timepiece.

Taking a good photograph of your watch can be tricky, but good photographs (including a clear one of the model number) will help us provide you with a more accurate appraisal and better preliminary cash offer.

In the following brief article, we’ll share with you a few techniques that you can use to take a good image of your valuable watch.

However, don’t stress over the process too much. You can always just send us some quick shots with your mobile phone to begin the process. Then, if we would like some better or clearer shots of your timepiece, you can try using the tips we outline below.

Photograph Your Watch Up Close

To get really close to your watch, you’ll need to set your camera to its macro setting. The macro setting is almost always indicated by a flower icon and will allow you to focus on an object only a few inches away. If your camera allows it, adjust the aperture down to increase the depth of field as well. This will allow all parts of your watch to be in focus.

Use a Tripod to Photograph Your Watch

When you change to a smaller aperture, the shutter speed becomes slower, so (if possible) try to use a tripod to prevent camera shake. If you don’t have a tripod, you can try propping your camera on a stable platform (like a shelf or table) with reasonably good results.

Control the Light When Photographing Your Watch

Your shiny treasure reflects up to 99% of the light that hits it directly, so you’ll need a way to light it indirectly, or diffuse the light. The first thing to do is turn off your camera’s flash and use natural light. If your camera doesn’t allow this, simply ‘block’ the flash with a piece of white card stock.

While professional photographers spend thousands of dollars on lighting rigs and photo boxes, you can get good results with simple household items. Follow these steps:

1) Set your watch up as you wish to photograph it.

2) Make a dome or tent over it with white towels, pillowcases, or even plain white paper, leaving an opening large enough for your lens.

3) Take multiple shots, while experimenting with different kinds of lighting sources from different locations.

When you find the right combination, you’ll be surprised how good the photographs of your watch can be.

To receive a free verbal appraisal of your luxury timepiece and a generous cash offer, contact Palm Springs Watch Buyer today.

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