Is it Safe to Sell a Luxury Watch Online?

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When clients consider selling a watch to Palm Springs Watch Buyer online, questions often arise regarding the safety and security of the sales, shipping, and appraisal process.

At Palm Springs Watch Buyer, we understand those concerns and are here to alleviate them. We want you to have complete confidence in the online sales process, so that you can enjoy the convenience, privacy, security, and speed of selling your luxury watch from home in Palm Springs, CA.

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How do I know that it is safe to ship you my watch?

When you ship your luxury watch to Palm Springs Watch Buyer, you are not dealing with an unknown party. You are dealing with a widely respected estate buying firm, registered with the Better Business Bureau, whose owner is an internationally-recognized jewelry designer and one of the premier watch buyers in the United States.

When your luxury watch arrives at our estate buying office, we immediately notify you and open it under video surveillance to establish if the contents are as described and to check for any potential tampering. This is to ensure your peace of mind and quickly process insurance claims if the package has been tampered with.

Important Note: Having shipped and received thousands of watch & jewelry packages over the years, we have never had a package tampered with during transit or needed to proceed with an insurance claim.

Clients put their complete trust in Palm Springs Watch Buyer in the same way they do if purchasing a diamond ring from Blue Nile or designer jewelry online from Pearlman’s Jewelers. Clients know that our entire business depends on trust and ethical business practices—anything else would mean a quick end to our business and reputation.

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How do I know that I’ll be paid promptly?

Palm Springs Watch Buyer always pays its online clients within 1-2 business days after agreement of our cash offer. If we ever tried to not pay a client, you can be assured that everyone would be reading about it online. Instead, what you will read online when searching us are reviews such as this:

I decided to sell my Rolex Watch. I was very skeptical about putting something of that value in the mail and trusting that someone would give me a fair offer. I came across Palm Springs Watch Buyer and after reading reviews on their page decided to give them a try. I must say that Paula was extremely professional throughout the whole process. They made me a fair offer for my watch so I decided to accept.

She sent me the shipping instructions and assured me that my watch would be insured for the value that they offered me and they would receive it the next business morning. Paula contacted me to confirm that they received the watch and after they examined for authenticity they would contact me with final offer.

They did offer me less then the original quote, because I had three links taken out of watch bracelet that they would need to replace and the dial was not an original Rolex dial. They offered to return my watch free of charge if I didn’t accept their offer. I decided to accept their offer and the money was wired into my account as promised. I highly recommend them.

To read this entire review and other reviews of Palm Springs Watch Buyer, please click on the following link: Palm Springs Watch Buyer Reviews.

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How do I know my item won’t get stolen or lost?

In our many years of dealing with the shipment of watches, precious gemstones, and fine jewelry, we have never had an item lost or stolen. However, in the extremely unlikely event that your shipment should get stolen or lost, you can rest easy, knowing that Palm Springs Watch Buyer insures every package to its maximum value with Parcel Pro, the world’s largest security services provider. Read more about our Parcel Pro insured parcel service by clicking here.

Sell a Watch Ring Privately & Confidentially in Palm Springs

One of the reasons that thousands of online clients choose Palm Springs Watch Buyer is that we provide them with a discreet and professional way to sell their valuable watch for immediate cash. Many of our clients would prefer not to be seen walking into a Palm Springs jewelry store or pawn shop to sell an item like an expensive Swiss timepiece. They want this transaction to remain entirely private. Working with Palm Springs Watch Buyer, the entire sales process remains completely confidential.

Sell a Watch Ring Safely & Securely in Palm Springs

Many Palm Springs clients are concerned about the potential for street robbery, when selling their luxury watch and/or fine jewelry. When selling their valuable timepiece to Palm Springs Watch Buyer, online clients never have to leave the safety of their homes, and feel secure knowing that they are shipping of their timepiece to one of the country’s most prominent watch buyers who completely insures their shipment and guarantees complete satisfaction.

Superior Cash Payments for a Watch in Palm Springs

Selling a valuable timepiece, such as a Rolex watch, online to Palm Springs Watch Buyer puts more cash in your pocket quickly and securely. Our track record of cash payments that often exceed competing offers by thousands of dollars has been well-documented by our satisfied clients.

One of the reasons our watch buyers pay more is that we deal exclusively in the buying and selling of high-brand watches. We have an exclusive resale network that extends worldwide, which enables us to pay you more than a retailer who is going to try to sell your timepiece locally.

Another reason Palm Springs Watch Buyer pays more is that we work daily with clients who are selling a watch online from home. This greatly reduces our overhead, and we pass those savings along to you in the form of higher cash offers. We can always offer more for valuable limited-edition timepieces that are shipped to us versus sending them to one of our many agents throughout the US.

When selling a timepiece to our online watch buyers, California clients are assured of safe shipping and feel completely satisfied, knowing that not only are they getting 10% more than by going through an agent, but they are getting at least 10% more than a local Palm Springs jewelry store, watch dealer, or pawn shop would be able to pay them.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are always more than happy to answer any and all questions.

To learn more about the quick and simple steps involved in selling a watch online to us, please click on the following link: Sell a Watch from Home in Palm Springs.

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